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Friday, December 10, 2010

Pretty Thai Girl Jaja Primrata: Thai Intel Passed Half-A-Million Hit Mark But Still A Cult

Jaja Primrata is a really cute and sweet looking Thai actress and I’m happy to add her pictures here on Love Thai Girls. I think you’ll be happy that I added them as well since they are a real treat for the eyes.

Jaja Primrata

Name: Primrata Dejudom (พริมรตา เดชอุดม)
Nickname: Jaja (จ๊ะจ๋า)
Date of birth: Nov. 29, 1983
Height: 166cm (5 feet 5 inches)
Weight: 45kg (99 lbs)
Marital Status: Single (ready for dating guys!)
Education: Thammasart University (Faculty of Journalism and Communications; Advertising Major)

As you can see, brains come as well as beauty with this girl and at under 100 lbs she is very petite which I think just adds to herbeauty.

Jaja is fairly new on the Thai acting and modeling scene so I can only hope we’ll be seeing much more of her pretty face and slim body gracing more bikini shots soon. In the meantime we’ll have to enjoy what’s available.

Jaja Primrata head shot

By Terry, Thai Intels editor

Thai Intel only upheld a half a million strike mark, with hits from USA racing ahead of hits from Thailand.

Europe as well as ASEAN hits have been additionally really strong.

To be serious, Thai Intel would never have been means to make it to this point-without a handle service as well as a few close friends.

Like during a hardest times, when it was only unfit to write anything as well as a conduct was only like a round of mud-it was a handle service as well as a few close friends who got Thai Intels rhythm starting as well as for Thai Intel to get back in a groove again.

So Thai Intel only wants to contend to a handle service like Reuters, AP as well as AFP which you unequivocally conclude your tough work in covering Thailand-like a professional which Thai Intel is positively not.

Then to some of Thai Intels crony who keeps sending Thai Intel article, pointers as well as analysis-thanks for never failing to titillate us on in a right direction, though more importantly, for caring sufficient about Thai Intel to assistance keep a blog going.

Yes Thai Intel is a really difficult child to raise, as well as you have disappointed everyone with our friskiness as well as not always following a pointers as well as leads, though Yes Thai Intel is contemptible for ignoring many of your suggestions.

As you know, all a journalist at Thai Intel have been psycho which rocks to a really different sort of music from many people.

Overall, Thai Intel is happy about a half million mark, though you have been additionally disappointed in a approach which Thai Intel used to be a really exclusive cult-for a loyal believers in a Hawkish approach Thai Intel promotes human rights, democracy as well as liberty.

Just want to let all you cult goers know which in a approach Thai Intel is still really many a cult, even with 5,000 hits a day-in which! you get about 400-500 zealous supporters as in a past, as well as many of a rest have been only passers-bye.

(To contend interjection to all Thai Intel followers, a Washington Post says this is a time of year for sexy fox in lingerie display lots of legs. So Thai Intel will comply. Please click a design to enlarge.Enlarge a design we mean)

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